Call of Duty: Black Ops Live Streaming of YouTube on all Famous Consoles except Wii U

There are few multi player games which make e-gaming world a reality, call of duty is one of those games and is considered an industry standard in that regard. Live streaming of such multiplayer games is becoming one of the pivotal points of the e-gaming community. Streaming of games is done on online servers such as YouTube and etc. The streaming is done through PCs.

It seems that the game producers are very much aware of the importance of live streaming in e-gaming. The new game in the Call of duty franchise has an inbuilt YouTube live streaming to all of its available consoles apart from Wii U.

An activation rep explained, “Wii U will not have this feature at this time, but it is being evaluated for a future update.”

The game will be launched on Xbox 360, PC and Playstation 3 on Tuesday and the Wii U version will be coming soon.

MakerBot’s Replication Causes A Stir In Open Source Market

A new entry in the market; TangiBot is a clone of MakerBot Replicator whose appearance has created quite a buzz! The reason for all the hubbub is that the design for TangiBot was legally copied from original 3D printer’s open source plans (available for anyone to make use of). The project was helmed by Matt Strong who while briefing about the device’s features said that it will offer “the same performance and features at a roughly 33 per cent discount”. He was referring to MakerBot’s $1,800 price tag which has been well met, thanks to Chinese manufacturing on the project. The project has stepped on the toes of people in 3D printing field, who objected to the exact duplication of the printer’s design, without any improvement or enhancement made by Matt. Matt however is not deterred by this ruckus declaring “MakerBot’s technology is nothing new”, further pressing that his product is price efficient, which will make 3D printing available to enthusiasts.

SRK Contest Drives a Fan to Create a 26-Button Starcraft II Arcade Controller

For a contest, Shoryuken (SRK) dared its fans to come up with a fighting game-style controller for Starcraft II. Mauricio Romano rose to the challenge and won with an astonishingly polished arcade stick. Its foundation is a heavily reworked Ultrastik joystick that’s turned into an on-controller, two-button mouse. You didn’t expect a PC gamer to cling to a simple old joystick, did you? It has 26 buttons required for Blizzard’s real-time strategy, as opposed to the usual 101 keys in your average keyboard. Wrapped up in a single, polished USB peripheral, the one-off prototype’s design is good enough to imagine a Major League Gaming pro taking it out on the road. We’d put that idea on ice for now, though: as Mauricio demonstrates in the video below, there’s a lot of learning and adjusting to do before most players start warding off diamond-league marine and zergling blitzes.

Next Generation Pebble watches expected to have Bluetooth 4.0

The new Kickstarter project received an unparalleled reaction from the fans, so to maintain the fan following, it was upgraded with additional functionalities. Allerta, the company responsible for the creation of InPulse smartwatch, promoted the arrival of their new Pebble smartwatch. These new watches are said to still be able to communicate through Bluetooth 2.1 as their predecessors, but now the newest, low-power Bluetooth 4.0 is also included. This inclusion secures the future of the gadget, which is already looking bright with the prospect of attaching wireless heart monitors, soon. This new vision will be realized and integrated into these smartwatches before it goes public and afterwards the device will be enabled with software update. The company also guarantees that these plans are already under progress and has no effect on the release date.

About Kyocera’s Hydro; a Waterproof Smartphone

Kyocera smartphones have been quite popular but since the last two efforts of it including the Milano and Echo didn’t attract the expected amount of consumers in the US market, it’s been some time since we saw any phone from Kyocera. Recently, the company added two fresh Android handsets to its collection. The innovative handsets are branded as Hydro and Rise. As the name implies, Hydro is a waterproof set and even though it is not mil-spec, it has the ability to resist submersion with the deepness of up to one meter for half an hour. Hydro is also a CDMA handset.

Hydro will have Ice Cream Sandwich OS and the interface is treated highly well, conserving for Kyocera’s app to have longer battery life—if the carrier will impose future modifications remains to be witnessed. Other than the OS and the waterproof characteristic, however, it’s rather dull in the spec unit. These features include: a Qualcomm MSM865 SoC with a 1Ghz CPU, a three point five inch, 480 x 320 display, a 3.2 megapixel camera with a plus point of LED flash and a 1,500 mAh battery. The class is certainly above your run of the mill TFT-LCD mainstays due to the PLS LCD screen. It is hard to overlook the low-resolution image quality. The Hydro also contains 512MB of Ram, 2GB of built in storage and a 2GB mircroSD card. As far as connectivity is concerned, you’ll discover 802.11n (WiFi), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and EV-DO Rev. A.

Even the Hydro doesn’t show any new qualities, it might be good for those who’re on a financial plan and want a phone that can survive accidents.

Half Life 2 Brought In Virtual Reality Headset by Fourth Dimension Displays

Fourth Dimension Displays, Kopin’s subsidiary accountable for new micro displays, is found in all your camcorders and military gears (as said by many), and is not something you can easily ignore.

Customers will definitely be more excited about outfit’s new idea, rather than it’s above mentioned use. Company’s new department is made to see the potential scenarios where OEMs can make use of these micro displays, like E3 demo of last year.

The designed setup includes a well protected helmet covering two of SXGA micro displays of the company, having dimensions 1280 x 1024. These displays are further connected to drivers that are then linked to a gaming PC.

Where last year, head tracking was done using the helmet, this time, something different is being done. This year, an air mouse attached to a plastic gun does the job of controlling movements on the display. The mouse and the gun are glued together, but certainly do not look a perfect combination. With all its flaws, however, the grouping provided an excellent scenario in Half Life 2, where it amazingly helped trap the soldiers in the trenches.

However, to further confirm the news, watch the video about it for yourself or visit any relevant gallery.

Canon PowerShot D20 ruggedized point-and-shoot Camera

To be released in May, PowerShot D20 is the latest underwater camera by Canon. It is claimed, and expected, that D20 will cover all shortcomings found in its precursor, power shot D10, which was the first underwater cam by Canon.

Although, D10 delivered fine picture quality it was not feasible to be used for surface based shoots owing to its bulky design. Canon D20, on the other hand, is a huge improvement as far as design is concerned but nothing can be said about its picture quality unless it is tested and used. Nevertheless, since the prototype delivered quality photos it is most probable that D20 will be better in this regard as well.

Canon Power Shot D20 Specifications:

D20 includes;

  • A resolution of  12.1-megapixel HS (high-sensitivity) CMOS sensor
  • A bright 3-inch LCD and a 5x 28mm optically stabilized zoom lens
  • It has a waterproof  depth of 33 feet
  • The cam is reasonably durable and remains unharmed even if dropped from a height of 5 feet
  • Its temperature tolerance ranges from 14 degrees to 104 degrees Fahrenheit
  • There’s also a top sensitivity of ISO 3200, and a built-in GPS.

The D20 holds fairly straightforward functions and will be available at a price of $349. We are expecting a lot better results from this model; it is found worth considering seriously.

Nintendo Issues Its Periodical Earning Report, Revealing 61% Decrease in Profits

As Nintendo issued the periodical report of its profits, the atmosphere turned grim. According to reports, the company earned around ¥40.9 billion $631.6 million during the October-December months, revealing an overall 61% decrease in the profits. It came like a thunderbolt since the months were expected to be pretty profitable, for the gaming giant; it was hoped the company will make around $12.9 million during that period.

The predictions have taken a turn now as manufacturers now forecast a $580 million worth operating deficit for the entire year. Nintendo blames the downturn on drooping 3DS sales, which made the company, cut down on costs. Moreover, the President, Satoru Iwata, revealed to reporters recently that the company intends to introduce their latest Wii U console throughout US, Europe, Australia and Japan somewhere at the end of 2012.

Numark Releases Latest 4Trak DJ controller

According to reports, Numark takes on the world of NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) by coming out with yet another gadget namely the Traktor specific 4 Trak DJ controller before the show could do so. This latest device is somewhat similar to the N6 and N7 Serato based gadgets by Numark, which previously ruled the market. It’s little wonder why they decided to create new mixing software; the need to dominate the market is strong in this company.

Features include a four channel mixer, four deck controller, high resolution platters, touch strip track search and a genuine flight deck with awesome hardware on board. It supports a build-in “FX Kommand Console”, which is something to look forward to. This does seem pretty much worth the excitement it has generated among music fanatics. You can check out more details online, in case you intend to invest in this device. The expected retail price for the DJ controller is around $1099; however, that comprises a custom Traktor version.

P2P Network Technology, Fishlinq announced by Qualcomm

Are you willing to receive some music tracks form the music CD which has not yet been published or released and you will be done through the Wireless network technology at the most unprecedented concert! When the number of people and users will go to thousands and hundreds at the concert, it will be pretty difficult for all of them to connect to the server or client at the same time. But, this has become possible with the Qualcomm promising the worldwide users for its new P2P network technology which will be better known as Fishlinq which will work effectively to receive data and share content in the most localized manner.

Though the WiFi Detect was also made for the same purpose but the company ensures further from this facility which is boasting of connecting and sharing with even the cellular networks at the same time. The company is currently working with SK Telecom, Korea to develop the networking module and it will take some trial tests at the end of this year. If the experiment carries through, Qualcomm will definitely ask its partners to build such awesome tool.

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